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Amazing knowledge and experience! Willing to walk you thru the steps to make good financial decisions to better yourself! Will recommend to any friends and family that need their services!! Miguel completely blew my mind with what he knows, very enlightening!!!

Amazing work. These guys helped us navigate through fixing our broken credit and helped us maintain goals we didn’t think we could reach. They explained everything to us as we went along and answered every question in a timely manner. Could not have done all the repair by myself. Worth every penny. Thank you so much.

Miguel is awesome! Even 5 years after using his service and getting my credit up he still is willing to give you advise and keep you on track. As a real estate agent I also refer him to clients that are having trouble getting financed to buy a home. A+++ would recommend!

Found InCreditable one sleepless night while worrying about finances and the future. Saw that the company is local and read reviews and was pleased. Making the phone appointment was very simple and Miguel reached out to me right on time. He was very kind and professional and informative. I just had some questions on debt management and he brought up suggestions and solutions I wasn’t sure were even an option for me. All within just a quick 30 minute conversation. He immediately felt like a friend and I will definitely be recommending him to anyone I know in need of assistance/advice, as well as reaching out again for any future updates.

This company was extremely easy to work with, and we felt that they were as invested in improving our credit scores as we were. They were always prompt in answering questions, and keeping us up to date with the progress of the program along the way. I will recommend them to anyone needing help with their credit in the future. Just the education we received about how credit scores work was invaluable to help us maintain our credit scores in the future. Many things we did before working with InCreditable Advisors to improve our credit scores actually made them worse, and Miguel taught us why. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Miguel and his team helped us repair our credit, and teach us all the things we could do ourselves to increase our credit score. They worked to remove numerous incorrect credit reports, and our credit scores improved so much that we were able to finally get a mortgage on our home!

I highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to repair and maintain a better credit rating.

Miguel has been very helpful is assisting me with derogatory information that has been incorrectly reported. I would recommend them for all your credit counselling needs.

From the first day I walked in and met with Miguel, I have learned so much about my credit and the ins and outs about the industry. He has been upfront and honest with me from the start and I have seen results from him and his team each month. I recommend this to anyone needing help with their credit.

Miguel is so knowledgeable patient, honest and full of integrity. I am so glad that I spoke with him. If you need credit or business advise you will not go wrong in meeting with him or someone on his team.

From the first day I walked in and met with Miguel, I have learned so much about my credit and the ins and outs about the industry. He has been upfront and honest with me from the start and I have seen results from him and his team each month. I recommend this to anyone needing help with their credit.

When i walked in i thought it would be an assessment or just a run of the mill "yes we can" speech.Miguel was very insightful and dropped me with some much information and knowledge. I left empowered and well informed. Things i didnt know that affected my credit like mispelling of my name... Wow so i would recommend him for personal/business service! He is nothing short of amazing at what he does and i swear by his method of establishing ,maintaining anf improving your credit!

Mr. Silva was very informative in our first meeting. He try to educate and teach us about how to repair our credit and it sounds promising. My husband and I will be in our dream home in the future thanks to him and his team.

I must say...I only called for information about the services provided by this company & from the initial phone call I was happy that I called. The professionalism, sensitivity & prompt response got me right away. First impression is everything to me. I haven't started using the services as of yet but I feel like I have based on all the information I was given to help raise my score. I've used other companies that were a waste of my time & money. I haven't spent one dime yet & received so much helpful info to get me on my way. I appreciate the feeling of genuine care & not being misled or taken advantage of. Thank you so much Miguel & I look forward to working with you soon!

Very informative!!! A lot of very use full information. Great experience and positive impact on peoples lives. It is worth the time to set up a appointment.

My wife and I stressed over our credit situation. We were referred by a friend to try InCreditable. It was the best decision to make. After meeting with our advisor, we now have the peace of mind to fix our credit issues. Thank you InCreditable!

Miguel is one of the most honest individuals, I've ever met. His concern was ensuring I understood the program plan and with all his guidance I was able to purchase my first home! If you choose InCreditable Advisors, you've made a great decision!

Wonderful Company to be working along side of

Was referred to by a friend and they were a tremendous help. My credit score has improved tremendously.

InCreditable Advisors are the BEST! They helped me get out of debt and repaired my credit. They were always courteous and prompt with answers for any concerns that I had. Their website also had very good tips on how I could help myself become more informed about my credit score. There were also tips about how I could further help the process of repairing my credit by offering suggestions on how to establish credit again with companies that work with individuals who need a second chance. Since I began working with InCreditable Advisors I have become a wiser consumer. I would highly recommend InCreditable Advisors to anyone with student loan debt, or anyone who is considering bankruptcy to give them a call.

Repairing and cleaning my credit. Miguel has been a fantastic person to work with! He has helped me clean my credit report up by removing or repairing things on my credit I was uanble to take care of in the past. He is probably one of the best in the business and one of the easiest guys to talk with about ANYTHING!

Credit repair, financial planning, deleted items off report. He was able to pull my credit report. Then he sat down with me and did a full synopsis of my report and what we needed to do to fix it and get my score up. Offered guidance to help put some money back to pay off bad debt and possible future debt. Pleasure to work with!

They helped me repair my credit to purchase a home within 6 months. It was money well spent. One of my credit scores went from 564 to 657 The second score went from 553 to 729 The third score went from 581 to 675.

InCreditable Advisors help me reach my financial goals by improving my credit scores and giving me great advice on how to use my credit wisely. When you pay to have you credit repaired or cleaned up, they will not only reach your goal of where you want to be but they help you make better decision for the future. At first when my wife came to me with information about Increditable Advisors, I thought it was a joke. So she went to the first visit to talk with InCreditable Advisors agent without me being present but she came back to me with the information that she had learned. So after we talked about it for about an hour I came to the sense of what can it hurt let me go talk to ICA and see what they had to offer. I went to the appointment that was setup and once I sat an listen for about an hour I thought what more could it hurt lets pay and give it a shot. The agent let me know right away and was very upfront that our credit scores with drop the first two months and then we will start seeing improvement around the third or fourth month. Around the fourth month to the beginning of the fifth month we seen a great increased in our credit scores to the point where I could not believe it. Increditable Advisors give you a live account that shows you everything that goes on with you credit for good to bad, from old to new and also a graph of all your current and deleted credit history. I became a believer right away I am now currently 10 months in the process. During this time my credit scores have improved anywhere from 50-100pts, I am now in a better class rating with my credit scores to the point where, I can walk in any store purchase anything I want with my credit rating without putting a single red cent down. If you follow the guidelines that Increditable Advisors set for you this will be the best investment that you will ever purchase by far. Once you are a customer with this company you can get tons of advice that will help you make the right financial moves for you and your family. I will leave on this note Increditable Advisors has help me get the super low rates on my credit cards, car loans, and my home which I am currently in process of refinancing they can help you too. I was not a believer at first but I am a FIRM believer of their work now and I speak proudly on their behave.

reapaired my credit. I gained over 100 points on my low end in 3 months. was an overall great exp. workin with Miguel. they were pretty much spot on with everything they told me in our sit down before ever taking a penny. they sat down and looked at my individual case and told me a very good idea of what it would take and how long. they were spot on. could not ask for better people.

Increditable advisors helped me is a couple of ways. First, they were able to advise me on the most strategic means to pay down my existing credit card debt that would have the greatest impact on my credit score. Secondly, they advised me on how to continue to improve my credit score over time. InCreditable Advisors were extremely professional and helpful. I began utilizing their services in November 2013. They advised me as to where to pay off credit balances that would have the greatest impact on improving my credit score. They also initiated the dispute process that cleared several things off of my credit report which also improved my score. From November 2013 to March 2014, as a result of their efforts and my payments toward existing balances and not adding to balances, my credit scores improved at least 100 points across all three reporting bureaus. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking to improve and repair their credit. I feel that with their kick start and education, I can now continue on my own to maintain my efforts and continue to improve my credit in the future.

Found Miguel on angies list for credit repair Miguel gave me clear instructions on how to build my credit to purchase a home my score has risen considerably in 3 months. Thanks Miguel!

Hire Again: Yes

    Overall: A
    Price: A
    Quality: A
    Responsiveness: A
    Punctuality: A
    Professionalism: A

Hire Again: Yes

    Overall: A
    Price: B
    Quality: A
    Responsiveness: A
    Punctuality: A
    Professionalism: A

Free initial meeting to go over credit reports and construct a plan on making it better. Miguel was so extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his job. He went step by step through my entire credit report not only to see what needed to be done, but also teaching me about it along the way. We now have a plan for each area of debt be it medical, student loans, or credit cards and I feel like I can finally tackle this area that was so daunting before. My husband and I were both thoroughly impressed with the amount of knowledge and the plan that we put in place. This business came highly recommended and is meeting and exceeding our expectations.

They helping get my credit up Great they explain things well.

InCreditable Advisors was referred to me by a friend of mine. Not only did they answer the phone promptly they answered all my questions and gave me more information about credit and how it works then I could have possibly have even asked for. I would highly recommend InCreditable Advisors to anyone.

Outstanding service and personalized Financial advice that you will not get anywhere else. Highly recommended.

The provider repaired my credit and did an excellent job I would continue to refer this provider to all my friends and family went excellent my credit has never looked so good this provider really gave me hope because I did not think there was any hope for my credit.

InCreditable Advisors knowledge of the industry is impressive, but their customer service is unparalleled. I have had the pleasure of working with some of their clients after their credit has been repaired. Every single one of them rant and rave at how pleased they were with their experience. I strongly recommend InCreditable Advisors to anyone looking to improve their credit.

I thought I was beyond satisfied with Incredible Advisors. Not only were all my questions answered fully, but I was given additional free information that I will be using for the near future. I would not recommend anyone in need of help with their credit. Thank you! Then for my second appointment, I sat in the lobby for over two and a half hours for literally, nothing. To be told he just left assuming I didn't show up!?

She made us feel comfortable and showed us we actually had a good chance at making our dreams come true. Very easy company to work with. Make sure you have everything with you when you meet and things will go very smoothly.

After reading reviews on google for InCreditable Advisors I knew it was time to act on repairing my credit. Therefor, I scheduled my phone consultation on the spot for the following day. I couldn’t be more confident and more knowledgeable over the 60 minute phone consultation I had with Miguel. I was able to get my questions answered with clarity, and the professionalism Miguel provided was exactly what I expected after reading reviews. For the first time, I feel in control of the direction I’m going in with my credit and I can’t wait to see how much it improves. I immediately called my brother after I got off the phone with Miguel and recommended him to this company. That said, I would recommend anyone who is interested in investing in themselves and gaining valuable information that will last a life time from InCreditable Advisors!

I am so thankful to have found Miguel! He is very knowledgable and very professional. You can tell he wants to truly help and has the best interest of his clients. He has helped me so much in working on my credit to ensure I can get a home with great credit. The consultation with him is so worth it and I would absolutely recommend you schedule a consult with him if you are looking to get help with your credit.

Yes , Absolutely! Miguel is very knowledgeable.

Miguel went above and beyond for me. He helped me to figure out what option was best for me and gave me a plan of action. Whether his services were a fit or not, he reassured me he would help me. Thank you!

Before meeting with our InCreditable Advisor, my wife and I stressed about our financial future. We, like most normal citizens, have very little understanding of the credit universe. Meeting with our advisor is worth the peace of mind we have obtained with our little family. This is the best decision we have made to provide financial stability to our marriage. Provided excellent credit advice. He made me feel goo about getting back on tract with improving my credit score. Very professional and knowledgeable.

He worked as our advocate and fought against the creditors and worked to remove items and clean up our credit report. He removed things that I didn't even realize were affecting our credit score for years such as having my maiden name listed or spelled incorrectly.

I recently got in touch with Miguel to check up on my credit score to make sure all was well and get some advice. He was quick with his responses, thorough with his search, and extremely knowledgeable. He was able to let me know what exactly was on my report, double checked that everything on my report was actually done by me, and let me know that my credit is doing great! He also gave me a few tips on how to help keep it that way! Thanks Miquel and everyone at InCreditable!

My experience with InCreditable Advisors so far is a great one. Miguel Silva and his team really understand the process of how to help you improve your credit scores. My husband and I followed their suggestions and have seen great Improvement on our credit reports within a few months. This team has great communication with us. If we have questions regarding our credit report they are very patient and kind when explaining the details to us. We also appreciate the convenience of communication through Emailing, phone, & faxing. I would recommend using InCreditable Advisors to everyone wanting to improve their credit scores. They really know what they're doing.

When I scheduled an appointment with InCreditable Advisors, I thought it was going to be one of those cases. To my surprise, I met a highly trained Professional who patiently walked me through the steps I needed to take. One striking thing that captivated my mind was the honesty of this Professional. Folks like this are rare to find in this cold war. If you are looking for professional, honest and dedicated financial advisor, I will surely recommend this place. They are well grounded.

I cannot say enough great things about Miguel and Jamie. I learned so much from working with them. They were able to remove older things off of my credit reports, as well as things that I had already disputed and failed at removing.

I had some items lingering on my credit report that I could not manage to remove on my own. I had filed complaints, called the credit bureaus, and spent my time stressing on how I was going to improve my credit score. I was so skeptical abut using a service like this, but I am SO GLAD that I did. Miguel and Jamie are so considerate and professional. Once they started to look at my credit profile, they assured me they could do their best to fix it. They gave me step by step directions on what to do - and what NOT to do. They returned all my emails in a timely manner and I was so excited to hear that my goals with them were completed. LISTEN to what they tell you! Working with them I was able to raise my credit score, and it continues to go up! I am SO happy with the results, and I plan to use them in the future if needed. Do not hesitate to reach out to them and see what they can do for you. It is such a great relief to really feel like you have some in your side of the court with issues like this.

Description of work: Credit counseling and credit repair - removed old items from credit report.

Miguel was very helpful during my first consultation . He was able to tell me a lot about my credit. With Miguel help me and my wife will be in the market for our first home real soon.

During my experience with Miguel and his team at Incredible advisors I was able to gain an adult life. I watched my credit go from 500's and climb nearly 200 points. No this isn't a gimmick. You have to complete task and things they ask in order for the process to work. If you are looking to restore credit, buy a home or just piece of mind this is the place to go.

Excellent Service in every way.

Awesome job!

InCreditable Advisors is an amazing company. Not only are they helping repair our clients credit, they are also educating them on credit. Great teamwork InCreditables.

InCreditable Advisors, LLC helped me understand my credit report and ways to improve my credit score. They also helped me remove the inaccurate information on my credit profile and allowed me to buy my first house. The experience was excellent which I had never experienced before. They were friendly, caring and very informative. They were considerably less expensive than all the other credit consulting companies. They were professional, honest and sympathetic towards my personal issues.

Go check it out and see what they can do for you!!!!!!!

Miguel has cleaned up my credit a TON! I really appreciate the time he has taken to repair my credit and really like the fact I feel like I can reach out to him at any time with several different issues! Miguel is one of the best people I have EVER worked with! I was nervous when I first started doing the credit repair program, but definitely worth all the time and money I have spent. He has gotten my credit boosted over 200 points and a lot of negative things deleted or repaired for me! I couldn't be happier with the outcome of his work! Thanks Miguel!!!

Do: Credit repair and debt settlement Don't: Don't use any other credit service other than InCreditable Advisors I walked into office and Miguel gave me a earful of very helpful tips on how to obtain good credit and maintain it. He cleaned up my credit score and it took about a year and I'm still using the monitoring service and now my credit is good. I just got a credit card with a $5000 credit limit. I am so excited about it.

THEY ARE AWESOME!!! Because of this wonderful company I was able to purchase the vehicle I wanted with a lower interest rate. I was only with them for about 4 months and within that time I purchased my new car. And I do not have to pay such a high interest rate. This was the best this I have ever done. I will always recommend them to everyone.

Helped us clean up our credit report and work on ways to rebuild our credit. After working with them we raised our credit score and purchased a home. This process is not an over night fix it takes time. It took time to get in debt it takes time to fix it. We have worked with this service for over a year now and have received timely responses to any and all questions we may have/had. We would highly recommend them.

Miguel has been amazing in assisting my husband and I in repairing our credit. We were looking for a way to boost our credit in order to purchase a home. Miguel took the time to teach us all about credit and explain what we could do to reach our credit goals. He sent emails every month updating us on our progress. We were able to see our credit improve in a matter of months. He has always been very professional and clearly passionate about what he does. I have recommended him to anyone and everyone that needs credit repair. I couldn't be happier with the results he has provided us. Without him it would have taken years to get a home. Thank you for all of your hard work!

I am a loan officer in the Indianapolis market and many of my clients have used Miguel's services at Increditable Advisors. My clients that have used Miguel's services all have one thing in common - they want to put themselves in a position to purchase a home. I have a number of clients that have been able to purchase a home much quicker after speaking to Miguel and following his advice.

Every client that I have referred to Miguel and Increditable Advisors has been treated with integrity. Miguel is very passionate about helping people, like I am, and I have never once wavered in referring him. The best parts of using ICA's services are that he educates his clients every step of the way and they have constant access to progress. Some other credit consulting companies that I have had the displeasure of working with don't do either - they are simply order takers to get recurring fees. Miguel truly cares about helping his clients achieve their goals and that is what customer service is all about.
In terms of results, for the clients that follow the guidance of ICA, I have seen them all reach their goals and usually within a reasonable time frame. Miguel outlines a customer specific plan that is very attainable for each individual client. If the client follows the plan, quite simply, good results follow. I would, without a doubt, recommend Miguel to anyone that needs help with their credit. Two thumbs up and five stars!

They cleared the old bills on my credit report. It was great. They were awesome. There was nothing negative. I would recommend them to anybody. You can't beat their service. They have highly qualified people. They know what they're doing. The quality was fabulous. They responded very quickly.

Miguel Silva helped clean up my credit report. It was exceptional!! They are very efficient, and i recommend their services to anyone looking for credit report repairs.

Incredible Advisors are the best at what they do. They helped me tremendously in repairing my credit clearing up outstanding bad marks on my report. I highly recommend using there service. Without them I would have never ever been able to purchase my first home I am forever in debt to them I am truly impressed with the way my credit score has improved they were able to improve my score by 200 points now thats InCREDIBLE!!!!
Everything went has planned I followed the instructions & took care of the things that were requested of me & as promised my credit is A-okay! I would recommend them to Everyone I know. This is the best decision anyone could make who is in need of credit repair.

Credit advice on how "to improve up the credit score" I presented for counseling and spent approximately 90 minutes. After much great information and advice, I was not charged "because you are one of the few people that we cannot help". I was actually helped a great deal and I was quite willing to pay for the service. I was so impressed, I would like to be a part of this very well run business.

I had been working with a bigger "well known" credit repair service but not seeing results so I was recommended by a different client of CreditIndy because of their positive results. Had a sit down, face to face consultation with Miguel and he went over my credit report as well as do's and don'ts. He offered great advise and recommended that I did NOT even need his services! He was not just trying to sell me something and was very honest about it. In fact, the previous "agency" was doing more harm to my credit than good! Immediately when I seized services with them, I saw an automatic increase.
Friendly, reliable and HONEST! Highly recommend CreditIndy for first time home buyers like me.

I have just started with them so i am not sure what the results will be.Have not received the first report.
Hire Again: Yes

    Overall: B
    Price: A
    Quality: B
    Responsiveness: B
    Punctuality: B
    Professionalism: A

My wife and I met with Miguel for an initial consultation. We were very impressed with his knowledge of the consumer credit industry. I believe his goal is to educate his clients about credit. We chose him over another company because his expertise and the fact that he's locally-owned and we like to support small businesses in our community. We look forward to working with Miguel. Things are going well so far. He provided us with a lot of valuable information.

InCreditable Advisors helped me get into my first new home and a better interest rate on my mortgage and also was able to refinance my auto loan from 20.40% to 4.9%. My insurance premium was also cut in half thanks to my investment in fixing my personal credit with InCreditable Advisors. Well my scores started off at 560, 543 and 513 and in 4 months plus I am at 690, 714 and 694 and the progress is still ongoing.

Best decision I've made, I would highly recommend InCreditable Advisors to anyone who is in need of credit repair. I am very happy with my results! They are friendly and explain everything to you .You have a clear understanding on how everything works!

I learned more in 1 1/2 hr's than I've learned my entire life about credit and how to raise my score! So excited to start this journey and it was so refreshing to see the passion Miguel has for his career!

Miguel and his team are amazing.? I am sure it based on your current credit situation, but he was able to get me results within the first month, and I am continuing to have him work on my credit even further, even though I am to the point where I needed to be in order to purchase a home.? He is very good at explaining credit, and the do's and don't as well as giving you financial help along the way.? I would highly recommend him, and have already started giving his name out to friends that need help as well.

Great experience* I feel like like i graduated from a business school again beause of the knowledge i gained from the Advisors. I am very exited about my personal and business goals that are about to improve on a higher level* What amazes me the most is that, my consultation was FREE I am forever greatful. Thank you.

From the first day I walked in and met with Miguel, I have learned so much about my credit and the ins and outs about the industry. He has been upfront and honest with me from the start and I have seen results from him and his team each month. I recommend this to anyone needing help with their credit.

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